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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  October 12, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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things back up and running. good afternoon, i'm doreen gentzler. >> i'm jim vance. police arrested a guy accused of shooting and killing six people inside a hair salon. three others were wounded. it happened in seal beach, california. it's 30 miles south of los angeles. our sister station there, knbc reports the suspect had a number of weapons and he was wearing body armor. no motive has been established yet in the shooting. we'll bring the latest as it becomes available. a surprising twist on day two of the trial. the man known as the underwear bomber addressed the court and changed the plea to guilty. jay gray joins us from detroit. jay? >> reporter: you are right. this is a case that's been marked by the dramatic twists and turns. the biggest, most important twist came on day two when the defense made a stunning announcement. after sitting through the first day of his trial without saying
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a word, accused terrorist, umar farouk abdulmutallab surprised everyone. he changed his plea this morning to guilty. >> pleading to something with a life sentence is not something i recommend. >> reporter: defending himself, he ignored the advice of a stand by lawyer and told the court he was guilty of eight charges including a weapon of mass destruction, terrorism and attempted murder. >> i don't believe there was a particular photograph or piece of evidence that caused that. i think mr. abdulmutallab had something he wanted to say and he made a statement. >> reporter: that statement came after the plea when he said the explosives hidden in the underwear with a blessed weapon to save the lives of innocent muslims. >> he don't regret trying to kill innocent people. you don't feel remorse about it.
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>> reporter: passengers on the plane the night of the attack were as surprised. >> i'm totally shocked. >> reporter: confident justice was served. >> he was guilty. >> he did everything that he said he did. we witnessed it. so, i'm -- i don't know what the sentence is going to be but yeah, i mean, he deserves what he gets. >> reporter: what he will get is the only question left in this high profile case. abdulmutallab faces the possibility of life in prison. sentencing is set for january 12th. live in detroit, i'm jay gray. back to you. >> thank you. the obama administration is pushing for tougher sanctions against iran for a violation of international law. it comes after two men were charged with planning to assassinate the saudi ambassador to the u.s. officials say they had the backing of high officials in
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iran. one of the suspects is a naturalized american citizen of iranian decent. he had a home in austin, texas. his wife lives there. he only used the address to get a driver's license. >> we have been separated for a long time. we don't have a relationship. we don't have anything to do with each other. this is going to jeopardize our jobs, our lives, the neighbors. we don't want that. we just -- my family and i want to be in peace and move on like we were. we don't have absolutely nothing to do with this. >> neighbors say they saw him last month and say he was acting strangely. they say their attempts to be neighborerly got nowhere. the syrian government says that allegations of their citizens spying in the u.s. are baseless and unacceptable.
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tonight, the man in northern virginia is in jail. he's accused of spying on americans who oppose president assad's regime. elaine has reaction to this. >> it isn't against the law to video tape a protest, but it's how it was used afterward that got their attention. the case they built against this u.s. citizen is serious. on a quiet rural street in virginia, residents watched as federal agents raided this home yesterday. according to neighbors, his wife and children rented the house the past two years. no one knew them very well. >> not really. just waving and saying hi. a lot of vehicles up and down the road. people going in and out of the house. obviously with forensic materials, that kind of thing.
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>> still wearing street clothes, he told a federal judge at the first court appearance he wanted to hire his own attorney. for now, he's in federal custody. in a 15-page indictment, he collected video and audio of people protesting against the syrian government. then passed it along to them so it could be used to silence them. the indictment describes a recent trip to syria, a meeting with him and president assad and an e-mail in washington, d.c. >> we knew something was going on. they had been following him for quite a while. >> reporter: this is a photo from his twitter page. there were five tweets from last january. sources say he worked at a variety of car dealerships across northern virginia. >> it's bizarre to have it happening across the street from you. and scarey. if you can't trust your
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neighbors, then i don't know what you are supposed to do. >> he will make another appearance in federal court friday for a detention hearing asking a judge to be released on bond. back to you. >> thanks. tonight, police say they are looking for a man who tried to abduct a 16-year-old girl on her way to skill. it happened in oakton, virginia about 6:30 this morning. the teenager told police he started talking to her before asking her to get in the car. the suspect grabbed her and tried to force her into a baby n the woman accused of stabbing a shopper outside a target store in prince george's county will remain behind bars. there's mounting evidence against the suspect linked to an
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attack in 2005. chris gordon has more on this. >> reporter: she confessed to police she killed -- that she stabbed the woman here at the target yesterday. given her history, having been charged with other stabbings people wonder if the judicial system failed. customers at target find it hard to believe that the stabbing suspect was free after being charged in 2005 with stabbing two people at montgomery mall. she was found not criminally responsible in that case. she was sent to the mental hospital and released 60 days ago to a half way house. >> people wonder why? why was she out to begin with? she should have been taken care of. >> that shouldn't have happened. i don't understand how they allowed that to happen. >> reporter: the victim was loading groceries into her vehicle when she was attacked. that's according to court
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documents that indicate she gave a written confession saying she did not know the victim. in court, she appeared by closed circuit tv and was read the charges against her by the judge. attempted first degree murder with a possibility of life sentence. assault charges and reckless endangerment. they carry the possibility of another seven years. she poses a threat to the community. we would like to make sure she's not able to harm another citizen and should be held for as long as it's appropriate to keep our community safe. >> she's seen on a store camera trying to buy knives when her credit card was declined she grabbed the bag with the knives inside and walked to the target where the attack occurred. pat brown is a criminal profiler. >> i don't know who put her on the streets. who decided she didn't have mental problems, that she could handle being out there.
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it's a terrible mistake. it's a problem we have with the system. we let people out too soon. >> reporter: the victim in the stabbing is named in court papers. news 4 decided not to make her name public. she lives with her husband and two young children in a townhouse not far from the torgt. i spoke to her husband today. he says she is in stable condition. they are grateful. it could have been worse. she was stabbed in the throat and torso. they are grateful for the outpouring of community support. that's the latest from buoy, maryland. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, chris. wet out there. cloudy. yucky. doug. what's up? >> you go from yucky to doug. all right. that's exactly what it is, fairly yucky. it's going to continue to be that way through the rest of the evening hours. most likely for at least portions of tomorrow and friday. out there right now, 64 degrees.
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the rain is coming down. it was coming down harder about ten minutes ago at the airport. now the heavier rain is over the district. you can see where the shower activity is in louden county and west virginia. down into portions of culpeper county. around d.c., it's around the beltway. we'll zoom in on the heaviest rain which is right now along the mall, along the capital, the white house is seeing fairly heavy downpours. it will continue for 15 to 20 minutes as it makes its way to the north and east. a wild weather pattern. i'll explain in a couple minutes. >> thank you, doug. coming up at 6:00, a plane in trouble. a crash landing on a highway. >> reporter: car from d.c. crime in fairfax county. arrest in prince george's
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county. it's like an episode of cops in our own backyard. i'm pat collins. i'll have the story coming up. we'll tell you about new developments in the trial against michael jac and whether the singer really self-administered the deadly dose of drugs. increasing the gas tax in maryland. >> what's ahead in sports? >> why sunday's game is a must win for redskins and eagles. michael vick has
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a major change of tactics by defense of michael jackson's doctor. they abandoned their theory that jackson gave himself the propofol. they claim swallowing the drug wouldn't have killed him. we have the report. >> reporter: in a surprising move, lawyers for dr. conrad murray dropped the claim jackson may have swallowed propofol after a study that showed any effect from swallowing it would be trivial. testimony canontinues with a cordologist that reviewed the case. he told the court he found six deviations in care given by dr. murray and the alleged missteps
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directly contributed to the pop star's death. >> giving propofol in someone's home unmonitored without the proper equipment, medical personnel or back up was an extreme deviation. >> reporter: under cross-examination, he held firm in his opinion. >> dr. murray spent nine hours getting him to sleep. now you are telling me he should have awakened him? >> he shouldn't put him to sleep in the first place. it's not for sleep. >> reporter: the medical examiner who performed jackson's autopsy had a blow that jackson may have given himself propofol. >> that does not support self-administration, is that accurate? >> yes, to me, that scenario seems less reasonable. >> reporter: also on tuesday, the taped interview with police. he described the moment
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jackson's children learned their father died. >> cried and cried and cried. his daughter uttered a lot of words of unhappiness. >> reporter: as the prosecution winds down the case, the defense will call their witnesses. it's unclear if dr. murray himself will take the stand. nbc news, los angeles. the prosecution will call two more witnesses. it's not clear whether dr. murray will take the stand. a scarily scene on a highway in florida today. it was a plane in trouble and crash landed on the florida turnpike. it happened about 1:00 today in the miami area. two people were injured in that crash. police say the single engine plane had mechanical problems. the pilot was trying to make it to the airport but couldn't make it that far.
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it was a good job trying to avoid hitting cars. the pilot and one passenger were the only ones injured. nobody is getting by that, are they? >> not too many exits off that florida turnpike. >> messy on the roads for us now. >> it's the way it will be for the rest of the evening and part of the rush hour over the next 24 to 48 hours. get ready to wait awhile or give yourself extra time. the rain is really coming down toward the white house. you can see the fog out there. it's barely making it to the washington monument. this is the same area of rain that came through the airport a bit earlier. the rain is out of there. we are looking better out there toward the airport. things are clearing up. you can notice the wet roadways. high temperature, 66 degrees. the low temperature, 64 degrees. the temperature only rose two degrees. how about that?
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we are below average today. keep the umbrellas handy, you are going to need them. i don't think we'll need the big umbrellas. carry the purse umbrella with you. we are going to see the showers over the next 24 to 48 hours. current temperature, winds out of the east or northeast. the winds out of the east have kept things cool. they have kept the rain in here. 61 in winchester. 66 in culpeper. a cool 57 in frederick. fairly cool evening. we are going to continue to see the showers especially along the blue ridge here. that first wave of mountains, we are going to continue to see as the easterly flow comes over the mountains and clark county, louden county and leesburg. the i-95 corridor. making its way into prince george's county. some of the rain coming down at
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a good clip. further to the east, buoy toward crofton. upper marlboro seeing the rain. now, down to the south, heavier showers that just developed over the last hour or so. they will hit culpeper in 15 to 20 minutes then go up 15 to the warrenton area. it's round one of the rain. here is round two and maybe round three. this is going to be a problematic storm system for a couple days. it's why i'm telling you to keep the umbrella with you. future weather, the shower activity. around 12:30, more showers. not everybody is going to see them. they are out there. they will be the scattered variety. tomorrow, most of the area on the dry side. i'm not worried about tomorrow's rush hour. in the afternoon, the repeat of the shower activity.
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talking 5:00, 5:30, 6:00, the heaviest rain. some areas picked up over an inch of rain. this evening, showers likely. temperatures holding steady, 63. maybe down to 60 degrees in cooler spots. frederick in the 50s. a few light showers. patchy fog tomorrow morning. 56 to 61 degrees. tomorrow afternoon, we see the scattered showers once again. possible thunder. it's not too much of a concern. no strong storms. 71 to 74 degrees. something else to note, for this evening, high tide. there's a coastal flood warning for alexandria and washington. if you are in a flood prone area, you are going to see flooding down there tonight. a chance of showers friday. then we turn cool and windy on saturday and sunday. we will see sunshine but it's going to be windy. kind of a different pattern. it's the kind of pattern in the month of october. >> we are too familiar with the
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drill on the wet weather and potential flooding. >> another earthquake toward mineral. 3.0. they evacuated schools down there. >> wow. thanks, doug. still to come, the economy taking center stage at last night's gop debate. whose campaign might be headed for trouble. bad news for
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undecided republican voters who were looking for clarity in last night's presidential debate might have been disappointed. there's a new poll that shows mitt romney has the support of fewer than one quarter of republicans. rick perry did not score the comeback he needed. herman cain was surging, but some of his supporters say he let them down. >> reporter: rick perry plugged away today. >> the choice of the election is whether we are going to keep a president who has failed to create jobs. >> reporter: campaigning in indianapolis. after last night's debate in new hampshire, perry, again, looking lost. admitting he can't match mitt romney on the economy. >> mitt's had six years to be
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working on a plan. i have been in this eight weeks. >> reporter: romney leads in new hampshire polls and iowa. perry surged to a lead. republicans not in love with romney. >> they dated michele bachmann for three weeks. then they decided to date rick perry for three weeks and decides they didn't like him. now, they are dating herman cain. >> flavor of the week? no. there's a difference between the flavor of the week and haggen das black walnut. it tastes good all the tame. >> reporter: he won the florida polls. he said it's his tax cut sales tax plan that's caught on. >> nine, nine, nine. jobs, jobs, jobs. >> president obama's plan a tax
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hike blocked yesterday in the senate is the winner in today's nbc news poll. 64% approval. all the gop candidates disapproved. >> i think it's a terrible idea to raise taxes. romney is looking like the one who will get to debate with bok ma. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. herman cain's tax plan got a lot of attention. he said you must be doing something right when you get a lot of arrows in your back. gas prices are staying down. they could go back up. they are looking for a way to replenish the state's transportation fund. there's a proposal to raise the maryland gas tax by five cents a year for three years. it's 23.5 cents a gallon.
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other proposals include an increase in fees. coming up, chaos on metro's orange line. riders were left stranded for hours. why the transit agency says they did everything right after the accident yesterday. a man clipped several police cruisers and goes on a high speed chase. how a dispute over 200 bucks head to a crash and arrest. occupy d.c. still going strong. protests aren't letting up either. coming up in sports why bruce is not worried about
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a man who was arrested in a raid in northern virginia and charged with spying for syria. he sent dozens of recordings he made here in our area straight to the syrian government. in court today, he told the judge he would hire his own lawyer. the recordings were of people who seem to be opposed to the government there. for now, he says he'll stay in federal custody. six people are confirmed
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dead with another three wounded after a shooting in a salon in seal beach, california this afternoon. it's south of los angeles. police identified the suspect's get away vehicle and arrested him after the shooting. knbc is reporting it may be an ex-husband of a salon employee. a woman accused of stabbing a shopper is held without bond. it was yesterday. the victim is still in stable condition. according to court papers she confessed to the crime. she's believed to be the same woman who randomly attacked shoppers at a nordstrom store back in 2005. it was a scene made for the big screen. police led on a chase spanning three jurisdictions. >> it came to a dramatic end ten miles away in prince george's county. pat collins has the report.
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>> reporter: the finish line of a hot pursuit. this car with a shredded rear tire. these fairfax officers duct taping bumpers back on to their cruisers. in custody, a suspect known to his friends as boo. you almost need a map to follow this story. an unusual series of circumstances involving this car from d.c. an alleged crime at this home in fairf fairfax. it all came to an end in prince george's county. stephanie lives at this home. she says this morning a man named boo came uninvited to her house and ripped her off. how much did he take? >> it was like $200. >> reporter: $200? >> cash money. >> reporter: did you call 911? >> yeah. >> reporter: the cops there in a
6:33 pm
flash. ten miles away in prince george's county, it came to an end. he came off the road and tried to come down this access road and hit this barrier and that barrier and another barrier over here. finish line. mike was there when the cops moved in for the arrest. >> the officers came and draw their weapons at them. there were five or six officers. they draw their weapons at him. that was it. >> reporter: no one injured. the man they call boo, taken away. so was the mercedes car. she says she's gonna get her money back. what do you make of it in. >> they are fast. fairfax is very fast. they were here real quick. >> reporter: police working to sort out all the charges in this case. i'm pat collins, news 4, prince george's county. >> federal investigators are
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trying to find out why a gun was less than two blocks from a school today. the discovery was made at 11:00 on patrick henry drive near the swanson middle school. early reports were that pcv piping, which can be piping to make bombs was found. so far, only the gun has been found. investigators are still searching the area for more clues. district leaders said the city is prepared for the crowds that come with an extra busy weekend downtown. the occupy d.c. protesters are sticking around. the martin luther king jr. memorial happens this weekend. city leaders will hold a march for voting rights on saturday. the police chief says occupy police protesters have not been a problem for the city so far. >> they have been very
6:35 pm
cooperative for us. we only become concerned when they have roadblockages that prevent challenges to ambulances and police responding to calls for help. metro will adjust operations for that event. they will open at 5:00 a.m. on sunday, two hours earlier than normal. metro is cancelling track work for the day and putting extra train cars into service. metro services is looking at how they handled a situation. a man was hit by a train. derrick ward has more on this. >> reporter: a man was hit by an orange line metro train. he's trapped in a tunnel and still alive. rescue becomes a priority. on the surface, scenarios are frightening. crushing rush hour crowds and
6:36 pm
escalators designed to shut down. >> people short of breath. everyone is checking on everybody else but then you have people who are actually in respiratory distress. >> the bottom line is, anytime an incident like this happens, thousands and thousands of people will be delayed. there's no getting arnds that. anytime you have to suspend service. >> reporter: metro offers services to notify riders before they get to a station like an alert system you can sign up for to be sent to your blackberry and cell phone. there was live tweeting. >> it won't make it go away but you can use that information to make choices. go out to dinner or delay your travel and use the time better than a large crowd of people waiting for shuttle buses. >> reporter: there's the old fashioned way to communicate. remember talking to one another.
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>> we saw a lot of customers talking to other customers. the people on the incident train together in the tunnel for more than an hour really helped each other out. >> i hope that they can do better things to improve, you know, our means of transportation. it's so important in washington, d.c. >> reporter: we have heard from people involved in the back up there wasn't enough official information coming from metro. we have heard there was pushing and shoving among the crowds. this brings out the best and worst in a transit system and its riders. at metro system, derrick ward. >> the passenger is still in the hospital said to be in critical condition with life-threatening injuries. he's not been identified. the damaged pieces of washington's national ka theet ral will be removed. a crane will take away the large stones tomorrow.
6:38 pm
the two ton was damaged. they will be stored while the tower is stabilized. the cathedral hired a team of engineers to evaluate the church. the same group that inspected the top of the washington monument and down for damage caused by the earthquake. more and more frustration more and more frustration for people who use blackberritu, you're always looking ahead... to what's next... to what's possible confident... that taking action now, is the way to create... a better tomorrow. that's why we're announcing, that with the planned merger with t-mobile, at&t will begin bringing five thousand jobs to america from overseas.
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we will invest eight billion dollars more... and deploy the next generation of wireless broadband to nearly everyone in america. this investment will create as many as ninety-six thousand american jobs. here at at&t, we believe in the future. we're not hesitating. we're investing in america now. why? well, we know it's good business. because america... has always been... and always will be... a smart investment. at&t.
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hello and welcome back. i'm meteorologist, doug kammerer. we are still watching the showers as they trek across the area. a lot of traffic is making its way in toward the city and out of the city. most of that, across the area due to slow roads out there. showers will continue. temperatures 64 degrees with winds out of the east and northeast at 9 miles per hour. scattered showers everywhere. southern maryland to freddicsburg you are okay. i-95 corridor is seeing the rain. heaviest in blue mont. fairfax county, look at the rain. baileys cross road. you are going to continue to see that rain.
6:42 pm
that rain will come through the district in a half hour. another area of heavier showers continues to the north and east. about the next half hour to an hour. temperatures tomorrow back into the low 70s. the wind picks up late in the afternoon. another chance of showers and thunderstorms tomorrow, too. we can't rule those out. take a look at fall color going on there now. i think we'll see sunshine to look at the fall color, but, we'll see something else. i'll show it to you one more time in a minute. >> okay. thanks, doug. looking forward to that. millions of people who use blackberries all over the world are having a terrible time. there's a technological breakdown. third day in a row now. it is spreading. service has sporadic for users in north america, europe, latin america, asia and africa. there's not too many continents left.
6:43 pm
the company that makes the phones is called research in motion up in canada. they say their problem is faulty infrastructure and failed back up system. they say it's number one priority is fixing the problem. they do not say how long it's going to take. sony is having problems with hackers. those problems continue. today, the company announced 93,000 accounts may have been breeched in a new attack. this latest breach involves the play station all over the world and sony's online entertainment accounts. they have made several moves to stop the attacks. it does not believe credit card numbers are at risk. users reset their passwords as a precaution. they have been dealing with hacking problems for most of this year. a family trip through a corn maze took a scary turn when the family couldn't figure out how
6:44 pm
to get out. >> i'm really scared. it's dark and we have a 3 week old baby with us. >> the couple and their children dialed 911 after getting lost in the twists and turns in there. there are seven acres of them. it takes the average person 45 minutes to find their way out. this family got spooked an hour in. it took a canine dog over a minute to help the family get out safely. >> i have been trapped in one of those with a frightened little kid and it's not fun. >> how long did it take you to get out? >> 15 minutes. now, he'd use his gps and rescue me. it's not fun. >> did you panic? >> a little bit. i did not like that. he was nervous. >> i would be freaking out. >> i'm not going.
6:45 pm
>> wait outside. send the sids in. >> exactly. why caps coach compared goaltender to a big league baseball slugger. quarterbacks go head-to-head at fedex field. rex grossman and
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6:48 pm
boy, it would be nice to crush these dudes. >> it would be nice. good way to put it. and make them go 1-5. >> whatever. >> if you are 1-5, you have no chance to get to the playoffs at that point. really, there's no chance. >> why not? >> let's do it. redskins quarterback rex grossman is not afraid to speak his mind. in the preseason, he said washington would win the division. he said i think we are on the cusp of doing great things. i think we can do the next great thing. if he wants to walk the walk, it's a win against the stumbling eagles. he's progressively declined. week one, two touchdowns and no intersepgss. since then, at least one
6:49 pm
interception in each game. meanwhile, his counter part on sunday, michael vick is not very sharp. vick threw a career high. eight touchdowns, seven imts. as a team, the eagles are struggling. a league high, 15 times regardless, rex grossman knows the eagles won't roll over. >> especially at 1-4. we are going to get their best shot. you know, this is a huge game for both teams. we know they are one of the most talented teams in the nfl. an angry, talented team, it's going to be a challenge. we'll be ready for it. we expect our best game as well. >> the dream team made the acquisitions in the off season. they are at 1-4 right now trying to find theirselves. it's a time for us to expand our lead. >> this is a big game.
6:50 pm
a division game. we understand our opportunity to separate ourselves in the devision. we also know we have to take care of business and do things the right way and play one of our best games because we are playing a very, very talented team, a team we know is desperate for a win. they don't want to go into a biweek, 1-5. we are going to get a shot. >> the eagles are trying to rally around the coach who is now in the hot seat. wide receiver called a players only meeting hoping to spark the team against the redskins. among the players who spoke out, michael vick. he remains confident in his football team. >> i mean we know how good we are. that's the bottom line. we know how good we can become. still gonna work hard each day. it can turn around. every guy in the locker room has to have their mind set we can turn around. trying to be the best at your position.
6:51 pm
in doing that, you will be a good football team. it has to be the mind set. trying to play mistake-free football, it's not that way. sometimes things don't go the way you want them to go. every play is not going to be a perfect play. you have to push it and keep moving forward. i think i have to take on that mind set. >> michael vick is confident. do you think players only meetings actually work? >> i don't know. i can recall situations where they have had such meetings. >> yeah. >> teams coming out and kick some serious butt after that. >> fired up. >> it doesn't happen every time. these guys are going to come in here like crazed dogs. whatever the case is going to be. we are going to have to bite them around the throat and kill them. >> that's the game plan. it's what i like to hear. these players only meetings, sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. >> let's hope it doesn't work. >> exactly.
6:52 pm
hope that one doesn't work. hometown hockey. caps goaltender missed today's practice with a lower body injury. he could play against pittsburgh. if he cant, someone will be ready. he will bounce back. monday night, he gave up five goals in regulation. he said it was his worst game in five years. five of 23 saves were in ot. the caps went on to win a shoot out. he was clutch. he was shaky at times. the coach said you shouldn't be concerned. >> it's one game. i mean we know how good a goalie he is. we have seen great players in other sports strike out in a game. didn't mean they were bad players. we already knew what they were like. we have seen tremendous pitchers last one inning.
6:53 pm
but we knew they were coming back because they are tremendous pitchers. thomas is a tremendous goaltender. never once lost faith in him. he's going to be tremendous for us this year. >> i like that comparison. thomas to a big league baseball slugger. he's going to come back. it is only one game. obviously, you want to see him make a good impression. bounce back. if he plays tomorrow, maybe he'll have a shut out. thanks.
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the contributions of the late gay rights activist are being remembered here in washington tonight. he died at his home in northwest at the age of 86 yesterday. jim handly has more on the lasting impact. >> they asked. i lied and didn't tell. >> reporter: a pioneer felt an injustice and fought to make a difference for others. it was 1957. he was fired for being gay. lou from the washington newspaper met him more than 30 years ago. >> he was courageous and his activism at a time you could face arrest, you could face discrimination, loss of job and he motivated a generation of activists. >> after being let go, he didn't
6:57 pm
leave quietly. he contested the firing with letters to congress, and the white house. he sued and lost in the lower courts but pressed on in 1961. today is the first civil rights claim based on sexual orr generalati orientation. >> we are not going to beg for our rights, we are going to demand them. we are going to assert ourselves. we are right. >> reporter: last near, this stretch of 17th street was named in his honor. today, mayor gray talked about his local legacy and asked for a moment of silence. whitman walker said they made this city, nation and world a better place. >> he left a footprint here. he left his mark in our community, not by one thing he did, but upholding the adage that one person can change the world. it's how he changed his life.
6:58 pm
>> he wanted to be remembered for coming up with the slogan, gay is good to counter the negativism against gays and lesbians. a bold and brave phrase back in 1968. jim handly, news 4. >> supporters and gay rights advocates are suggesting a memorial for him in november. still showers out there now. mostly in portions of northern virginia. let's show you the radar and show you where the rain is. if you are out and about, make sure you have the umbrellas. fairfax, louden, culpeper to prince william, you are all going to need the umbrellas as you continue throughout the evening tonight. we have shower activity in montgomery county. pretty much, yeah, just about everywhere you are going to need the umbrellas. the four-day forecast showing another chance of rain. not wash outs. you'll need the umbrellas. coming up saturday and into sunday, windy conditions and
6:59 pm
things calm down a little bit as we start next week. winds could gust to 40 miles per hour on saturday. >> thanks, doug. a little girl, a delightful child has become an internet star and she got to meet her favorite singer today. ♪ sophie grace is her name. he she's from the united kingdom. she's 5 years old and sing "super bass" by nicki minaj. you go girl. she posted it on youtube. that led to an invitation from ellen and a performance on the show. afterwards, there was this.


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